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Statesboro is the biggest city in Bulloch County located From the Southeastern section of Georgia. It is the county's chair and is a part of the Savannah-Hinesville-Statesboro Combined Statistical Area.

If you are in Statesboro, you should never miss going to The hectic downtown area in which a lot of dining and shopping destinations are observed as well as many attractions that would surely bring pleasure and enjoyment to the entire family.

If new produce is what you are looking for, be sure to

The Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market is a place Where local growers, craftsmen and chefs come together to supply local and fresh products from hard-working farmers in the region. More than a dozen manufacturers regularly join the Farmers Market, offering locally produced cheeses, jams, preserves and other products.

You can also search for special arts and crafts for your home And will have to taste many different food like gourmet, bread, jams and jellies, coffee, barbecue, cakes and other candy products.

There is also live music entertainment from pick Artists every week.

If you are searching for pure honey products, H.L. Franklin's Healthy Honey sells 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey.

Situated at 127 N. Main Street, H.L. Franklin's Healthy Honey originates from a 5th generation beekeeping family who maintained their hives on the Franklin Family Farm in Georgia.

Honey, the only real food around the planet that never spoils, Contains many powerful antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients and provides unprecedented health benefits. In other words, in the event that you bought pure honey, maybe not those that are frequently sold in supermarkets that are mostly mixed with chemicals, syrups and fillers. That is why you have to purchase from the one which produces only pure and unfiltered honey.

If you like beer, visit the Eagle Creek Brewing Company Located at 106 Savannah Ave.

Eagle Creek Brewing Company is a unique brewpub which Offers American cuisine with locally made beer, cocktails and wine plus live music from local artists.

Should you come with Your Children, let them experience creating Their own art pieces in the Free Spirit Pottery & Glass Studio situated at 42 E. Main St.

Paint-your-own ceramics studio that provides guests a fun and relaxing environment where they can make or paint their own pottery, from dishware to vases as well as picture frames.

Available at the Studio is pottery painting, glass and Bottle fusing, canvas painting, clay beliefs, hand building and silver clay pendants.

The Studio is open Mondays to Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. until
These are just among the many Things Which You can see and Visit in Downtown Statesboro, named among eight "Renaissance Cities" By Georgia Trend magazine and contains Been featured in several motion pictures including "Now and Then" in 1969 and 1995.

Statesboro, GA

Statesboro It's the largest city along with the county seat of Bulloch County located in the Southeastern area of Georgia. It's a Georgia Municipal Association City of Excellence and Certified City of Ethics.

Statesboro, Which is an element of the Savannah-Hinesville-Statesboro Combined Statistical Area and the most significant Micropolitan Statistical Area in Georgia, was chartered in 1803 and started as a small trading community which provided basic essentials for encircling Silk plantations. It was first called Statesborough but was afterwards changed into the current "Statesboro."

The City was named among America's Best Communities, offering a great deal of chances to residents and visitors who are based on traditions that celebrate the southern way of life. Its culture reflects a mix of both its southern heritage and college town individuality.

Guests Will always find Statesboro an exciting area to visit as town is home to lots of restaurants, bars, live music venues, bookstores and coffee shops that all cater to its innovative college city climate.

Outdoor Facilities that offer great adventure to every visitor are also plentiful in Statesboro.

The current and learn about the future in the Botanic Garden located inside Georgia Southern University at 1505 Bland Ave.

Woodland paths, a landscape garden of coastal plain sailors, a native azalea collection, an arboretum, a children's garden, a complex of ancient 20th century farm buildings, the Rural Life Museum, the Whelchel Camellia Garden, heritage gardens, a bog and sandhill, along with the Kennedy Outdoor Classroom.

Even Just a brief visit at the Botanic Garden will certainly provide you with a great deal of insights.

You Can also enjoy the beauty of nature in the Mill Creek Regional Park, located in the 888 Hwy. 24 E.


Open from sunrise to sunset, the Mill Creek Regional Park is A excellent place for outdoor recreation where guests may also watch special occasions and sporting events all year round.

Or You are able to choose to stick to the Blind Willie McTell Trail, which begins at Fair Road's Memorial Park, to get a healthy biking or walking exercise.

The trail, which finishes at Triangle Park in downtown Statesboro, Includes 7,415 square yards of architecturally designed asphalt, six varieties of trees, custom-designed benches and cobra lighting all through the trail.

Additionally, There Are bike racks, picnic tables, landscaped islands And increased pedestrian crosswalks along the road.

get more info Adventure cravings are all fulfilled.

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